Risking It: An Intersection of Faith and Work

How does one integrate faith, personal purpose, work and risk taking? This highly personal memoir explores these powerful, spiritual themes through engaging storytelling based on the author's 30 years in business. Reaching back to his roots, the author reflects on growing up in a lay minister's family and the family landscaping business, both of which had a considerable shaping influence on the author's subsequent entrepreneurial experiences. Through a series of progressively risky moves -- relocating from Illinois to California, leaving the comfortable position of an accounting firm partner, launching his own business and failing – the author takes the reader on a journey of wrestling with some of life's most profound questions: "How does one discover God's calling and then implement it?" "How is faith expressed through taking measured risks?" "What happens when we fail?" With humor and transparency, the author shares over 40 stories that illustrate powerful spiritual and everyday life themes such as overcoming failure, building meaningful relationships, passionately pursuing purpose and aligning one's story with God's bigger story.

What People are Saying

Tim’s story of success and failure in his own life and through biblical examples, let us know that in spite of where we are, God still has a plan. Every good story has difficulties and conflicts to overcome. Our failures don’t mean we have made an irreconcilable wrong turn. Tim’s guidance through this perspective is positive and refreshing. I wholly endorse Tim’s efforts to bring this message to men and women of faith in the business community.
— Jon Reichard, President A&R Mechanical Contractors

Thank God It's Monday!: A Tool Kit for Aligning Your Lifevision and Your Work

In his first book, Thank God It's Monday!: A Tool Kit for Aligning Your Lifevision and Your Work, Tim teaches about "alignment", the art of coordinating career and personal life to work harmoniously with your life vision. The book offers practical, field-tested guidance in synchronizing your personal life vision with your company's purpose. Exercises and case histories show how to bring a sense of fulfillment to every area of your life simultaneously.