Authentic Marketplace Leadership - Workshop Recap

I had a great time at the Merge workshop this past Friday (9/26) at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL. Thanks to all who attended and to Carla Green for hosting the event. It was good to connect with and hear stories from other leaders in the community who are living out their faith in every day ways at their workplaces.  My hope is that the insights I share encourage you to confidently live out your calling wherever you may be.

I have included the workshop notes here for anyone interested in checking out the material or sharing it with others. I am also working on a few blog posts to highlight some of the ideas from the Authentic Marketplace Leadership workshop. So be on the look out! You can also receive these upcoming posts directly to your inbox by signing up below.  


Now Available! Risking It: An Intersection of Faith and Work

I'm excited to announce that my new book Risking It: An Intersection of Faith and Work is now available for purchase on Amazon.  

How does one integrate faith, personal purpose, work and risk taking? This highly personal memoir explores these powerful, spiritual themes through engaging storytelling based on the author's 30 years in business. Reaching back to his roots, the author reflects on growing up in a lay minister's family and the family landscaping business, both of which had a considerable shaping influence on the author's subsequent entrepreneurial experiences. Through a series of progressively risky moves -- relocating from Illinois to California, leaving the comfortable position of an accounting firm partner, launching his own business and failing – the author takes the reader on a journey of wrestling with some of life's most profound questions: "How does one discover God's calling and then implement it?" "How is faith expressed through taking measured risks?" "What happens when we fail?" With humor and transparency, the author shares over 40 stories that illustrate powerful spiritual and everyday life themes such as overcoming failure, building meaningful relationships, passionately pursuing purpose and aligning one's story with God's bigger story.